Excel-A-Tec, Inc. engineers and manufactures equipment for many industries, such as, dairy/dairy alternative, organic, beverage, juice and pharmaceutical. Our custom aseptic tubular systems process a wide range of products for aseptic/Ultra-High Temperature (UHT), pasteurization, ultra-pasteurization, extended shelf life and hot fill applications.

We use direct selling for one-on-one relationships with our customers to achieve customized solutions. This direct contact gives our customers personalized collaboration, convenience, service and reduced costs.

Excel-A-Tec, Inc. also provides consultation at competitive rates. This includes on-site inspection and troubleshooting with follow-up recommendations, retrofits, updates and repairs.

Our services include additional equipment, standard and custom replacement parts to meet our customers’ needs. Some of these include:
• Pumps
• Valves
• Tanks
• Excel-A-Tec EAT-T Fittings
• Excel-A-Tec Patented* O-Ring Fittings
• Excel-A-Tec Patented* Omega Fittings
• Excel-A-Tec Patented* Cam Clamps
• Excel-A-Tec Patented* RTDs
• Excel-A-Tec Proprietary Coil Heat Exchangers
• Excel-A-Tec Patented* Heat Exchangers
• Excel-A-Tec Seals and Gaskets
• Excel-A-Tec Homogenizing Valves
• Excel-A-Tec Formulation Systems
• Excel-A-Tec Aseptic Tote Fillers
• Excel-A-Tec Aseptic Lab Fillers
• Excel-A-Tec Clean-in-Place (CIP) Centers